Saturday, March 7, 2009

Susunia Hill

Susunia Hill 23º27' N and 86º57' E Height: 1442 ft. (440 m) On the Bankura-Purulia Road, about 14 km NW Chhatna and from here towards North about 10 km.

Susunia inscriptions: 4th Century A D From Ancient History of Bengal, vol. I, on Susunia inscriptions: The Susunia Rock inscription,the earliest reference to the cult of Vaishnavism, is a short Sanskrit inscription in three lines engraved in Brahmi script on Susunia hill, recording the installation of an image of Vishnu during the reign of Chandravarman.

The first two lines of it incised below a big wheel (chakra) with flaming rib and hub, refer to it as the work of the illustrious Maharaja Chandravarman, the lord of Pushkarna....

The third line is incised to the right of the wheel, but its reading and consequently its meaning is not very clear. It certainly refers to the dedication (of the cave) to Chakrasvamin, which literally means the 'wielder of the discuss, i.e., Vishnu...It may be reasonably inferred that the excavated cave, on the wall of which the inscription was incised, was intended to be a temple of Vishnu. Suniti Chattapadhaya "holds that Puskarana mentioned in Susuniya inscription is the modern Pokarnya or Pakharna situated in Bankura District of which Candravarma was the king." (Prachin Vanger Puskarna-janapad - in Vangasri, 1339-40 B.S., 1932-33 A.D., pt. 1, p. 135-136).

On the rock face another script is visible, which is "Sankha Lipi (script)" from a period between 8th to 10th Century A.D. Till date this Sankha Lipi can not be deciphered. Many observe this not as script but symbols.


  1. Nice article.

    Good to know about some new place which I had not heard before.

  2. Wonderful. I have studied the earlier brahmi. Could even understand the box headed brahmi of 6th Century but this Shankh lipi remained evasive. It seems that I have seen some material in book written by Gunakar Mule named "Akshar Katha" in Hindi. Thanks.

  3. Shankh lipi has been deciphered by Prof. B.N. Mukherjee. See

    Studies in the Shell Script
    R K Sharma
    ISBN : 8171860028
    Year Of Publication : 2004